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  • Hi-lok Installation Ratchet Kits

           HLK110   HK1000-56  HLK111

                    HLK110                               HK1000-56                             HLK111

                   HK1000-568       HLKB787V1

                               HK1000-568                                        HLKB787V1


    Our hi-lok tool installation ratchet kits cover a wide range of hi-lok and hi-lite diameters and material types. Our product offering runs the gamut from modest kits that install 5/32" to 1/4" diameter hi-loks in straight and offset handle types, installation and removal kits, and even production kits for the Boeing 787 program.

    Fast-Tool has the kits or can custom kit a selection of hi-lok or hi-lite tools that can solve your most challenging fastener installation applications! For the above pictured kit contents, please click on the link below:

    Hi-lok Installation Ratchet Kit Contents