About Us

Fast-Tool began operating in November of 2000 at our current location in Santa Fe Springs and in 2002 opened a sales office in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Our primary business is the design and manufacture of aircraft fastener installation tooling. The current focus is the development of hand tooling and power tool parts across a broad spectrum of fastener styles. We currently have installation tooling for hi-loks/hi-lites, and Hi-Shear BN Series Blind Nuts. Current product offering also includes tool parts such as collets, mandrels, collet bushings, pressure feet, and lift fingers for the Winslow Spacematic & Quackenbush Nutplate Drillmotors.

Fast-Tool has a wide breadth of experiences in both aircraft fastener and installation tooling production  and marketing. Our expertise includes engineering, manufacturing, tool making, as well as aircraft installation tool application knowledge.

We recognize the the specialized nature of the industry we serve. Not all products can be produced in high volumes. Unlike our competitiors, our experiences applying lean manufacturing principles allow custom and modified products to be made at a reasonable cost.

Fast-Tool also manufactures proprietary tooling to our customer’s specifications and is an important segment of our business. Please let us quote your requirements!

We accept all major credit cards!

2506 W. Marshall Drive
Grand Prairie, TX 75051
Ph: 972-647-0800
FAX: 972-660-5491