Aircraft Fastener Installation & Removal Tooling Products

Fast-Tool hand hi-lok/hi-lite ratchets, roller wrenches, double-hex/two-size ratchets (to replace the ubiquitous “dog-bone”), low-profile installation sockets, hi-strength hex keys, and hi-lok/hi-lite removal tools are specifically designed for close-access manufacturing/assembly and airframe maintenance applications.

Also the BN Series Blind Nut installation hand tools and power tool parts are manufactured to fit existing power installation tools such as the BG1750 and the BG2500. A new aspect of our business is the manufacturing of expendable parts of the Winslow Spacematic Ultralite and Quackenbush Nutplate drillmotors. We make collets, mandrels, collet bushings, pressure feet in all nutplate configurations, and lift fingers fitting the earliest Winslow/O-Mark NPDM to the latest 10QNPD Quackebush.

Give us a call and let us quote your requirements and “special application” tools!

All Products Manufactured & Assembled in the USA